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Women Of Sovereignty

Women Of Sovereignty was founded in 2014

after the founder Charmella Y Smith  felt the need to

Bring awareness to Domestic Violence Awareness; due to her own personal journey of  silence from being sexually,physically and emotionally abuse for many years .

Often times  women remain in silence out of FEAR,SHAME,and GUILT , that they fail to tell their family and/or  peers they have suffered abuse.

Charmella  connected with a peer out of Houston Texas that became a support to her and someone she knew  understood her plight;after a visit to a conference in Houston she became more open and bold about the process of healing, She began to share freely  that you are not a victim of your circumstance but a VICTOR that you must not be silence in your pain,and most importantly that your PAIN HAD PURPOSE!

God placed in her heart to make a


Charmella reached out to a few in her home town that had put together a community walk prior to be stood up in the attempt to create an alliance to reproduce a Community Walk to bring awareness to Domestic Violence ,she begin to believe this was not necessary and that she should continue to work on herself.

Then a random alert came through her Facebook messages  from a unknown person thanking her for the  positive affirmations and declarations of healing  on the issue of Domestic Violence.

The women began to share that she had been a Victim of Domestic Violence thather story  had made the local news.

At that moment Charmella knew it was her Destiny that she not only Host a Community walk but that she start a foundation that would support young ladies just like her that have been through the Franklin County Childrens Service agency for various reasons and she use her knowledge to empower the youth to be productive citizens in their community;to teach the youth Fincial Education .Self Esteem and Self suffiency