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Women Of Sovereignty was founded in 2014 after the founder, Charmella Y Smith felt the need to Bring awareness to Domestic Violence Awareness; due to her own personal journey of silence from being sexually, physically and emotionally abused for many years.Charmella is a teenage mother that had an affiliation with Franklin County Children services after being emancipated at the early age of 17. As a single parent Charmella committed to providing, nurturing and creating the stability that she didn't have as a child; she was determined that failure wasn't an option; even if it meant not addressing some inner challenges from the pain of abuse, she once endured. Charmella did what most women do, and that is to go on with life with invisible scars and silenced trauma.
***Often times women remain in silence out of FEAR, SHAME, and GUILT, so they fail to tell their family and/or peers, they have suffered abuse.
"Faith is the Bird that feels the light and sings when the dawn is still dark....Rabindranath Tagore"
Charmella started counseling at her church and reached a place of peace and forgiveness; she desired more... She wanted to do more but, what?
She connected with a peer out of Houston Texas via social media; someone she believed understood the plight of a survivor. Charmella Boldly and without reservations attended her first  Survivors conference in Houston.Charmella became more open and willing to share information about the process of healing, it wasn’t long before she began to  declare on her personal social media page " You are not a victim of your circumstance but a VICTOR"; you must not be silent in your pain, most importantly Your PAIN HAS PURPOSE!" God placed in her heart to make a PUBLIC DECLARATION; No MORE SHAME and to TAKE ACTION!

Charmella reached out to a few ladies in her hometown that had put together a walk, only to be stood up. Though she was hopeful that this could be an attempt to create an alliance to reproduce a Community Walk on a larger platform, to bring awareness to Domestic Violence; after the failed attempt, she begins to believe this was not necessary and perhaps she should just continue to work on herself.One day randomly, an alert came through the Facebook messenger from an unknown individual, thanking her for the positive affirmations and declarations of healing, specifically those relating to the Domestic Violence Awareness.The woman began to share that she had been a Victim of Domestic Violence; her story had made the local news, she survived the shooting, she was now in therapy and healing physically.At that moment Charmella knew, it was her ‘Destiny’ that she not only Host a Community walk; that she start Women Of Sovereignty foundation, to provide support to young ladies, just like her that have been through the Franklin County Children's Service agency for various reasons.Charmella could use her experience as a Realtor and  Homebuyer educator to Provide educational programs and workshops: Personal Development, Self-esteem, and Finacial Literacy to help them become Self-sufficient and Productive in society.


to those who are the CALLED according to HIS Purpose! Romans 8:28


 Women of Sovereignty Mission and Vision Statement

Our Passion: helping aged out female foster care youth become Self-sufficient

Our Focus: Reaching Female Foster Care Youth combat human trafficking and prevent homelessness

Our Goal: To Motivate and Inspire Female Foster Care Youth to become positive and productive Women in society.

Our Strategy: Provide Financial Literacy, Personal Development, and Self-esteem education

Vision Statement: By providing Women of Sovereignty resources through Educational programs, workshops and Community Awareness Health and Wellness events